What Is Involved in a Septic System Replacement for Your Fort Collins Home?

Getting a new septic tank might seem straightforward. If your old one has reached the end of its projected lifespan and fixing it no longer seems like a viable option, then you’ll need to have it replaced and get past any other repair-related costs and issues.

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When to Replace Your Septic Tank

It can cost a lot of money to replace an entire septic system, mainly since a lot of different processes will be required. You’ll need someone to drain the system, dig up the old pipes, replace the actual tank, add new plumbing and then fix the areas of your property that have been affected by the replacement process – such as your basement and back yard.

According to septic system contractors Fort Collins area professionals, generally, there are a number of situations when replacing your septic tank and system should be a straightforward choice:

  • When it’s reached the end of its expected lifespan;
  • When you plan to sell your home and you want to make sure you get a good price;
  • If you keep having to repair the old system over and over again, and it gets to be a real hassle;
  • When there’s a design flaw and no amount of repairing can make your tank operate at ideal efficiency;
  • In cases when your contractor discovers problems that are too complex to fix in a practical way, or the repair process would cost a lot of money.

A Few Words on Preparing for the Replacement Process

Knowledgeable septic system contractors Fort Collins area pros say that replacing your septic system involves more than just the process of getting a new septic tank. In many cases, old pipes will need to be cleared out and replaced as well, and you’ll have to pay a service to dig the pipes out and remove them. That, in turn, will upset your landscaping, so you might also have to pay a gardener or a landscaping expert to restructure it and make it look good again. If you’re in a hurry to sell your home, for example, then this issue can put a lot of strain on the process.

You also have to think about building codes and getting permission to remove and replace your old septic tank. This can get tricky in places like Colorado, where some areas have stricter building code policies. However, in Fort Collins, you should be fine as long as you visit your local county office or website, get the permit application instructions and apply for a new system permit that will allow you to make changes on your property and install a brand new septic tank system. If the permit application meets local Larimer County regulations, then you should receive your permit in about 5 business days.

Of course, the biggest hurdle will be to actually hire a contractor and have your new septic tank and system installed. You’ll need to bring in septic system contractors Fort Collins area pros in the first place to assess the situation and help you discover exactly what will be involved with the replacement process. In some cases, extensive work is needed to replace all the pipes and plumbing which will be more expensive. Other times you might just need someone to replace the septic tank.

Make sure you have the system checked out and inspected before you buy anything or apply for a permit, as all your subsequent actions will depend on the contractor’s final assessment for your old system.