Tips and Trends in Fireplace Renovations

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A fireplace is a wonderful asset in any house, a building component that not only adds a unique, cozy atmosphere, but that also makes an efficient heating device, whether on its own or as an aid for the principal heating system. A fireplace is a great thing to have even if it has been out of use for years or even decades – if you have one that can do with a little TLC, here are some tips from the experts about restoration and how you can benefit from the inventory of a good fireplace store in Denver.

Safety Always Comes First

If you decide to restore the old fireplace in your building, the first thing to do is to check the components of the fireplace, especially the ventilation system and the chimney, for safety and efficiency. After you make sure that your chimney is solid and safe to use, it is a good idea to call a professional chimney sweeper to make sure that the entire system is safe to use indeed.

Consider Adding a Glass Door

The flame of the logs burning in your fireplace confer a unique, cozy and romantic atmosphere to your room, but traditional, wood burning fireplaces also pose the risk of setting fire to flammable items in front of the fire chamber. To prevent that from happening as well as to improve the efficiency of your fireplace, it is a good idea to check out your options in terms of glass doors. These sheets of glass are installed at the entrance of the fireplace and they serve the purpose of making the operation of your fireplace safer.

Consider Getting a Gas Insert

The sight of the flames and the warmth delivered by your wood burning fireplace is a great thing. There is only one thing greater: having all those benefits without having to spend lots of time and energy on cleaning and maintaining the fireplace. One of the best options to achieve that is by adding a gas insert. According to gas fireplace inserts Denver retailers, these insulated boxes connected to a gas hose will provide the heat and the beautiful flames that you love so much, but without the work involved. Gas burning fire place inserts are also very efficient and able to heat your room more effectively than wood burning appliances.

Rebuild The Mantlepiece

A complete fireplace restoration involves not only work on the interior of the appliance with the purpose of improving safety and efficiency, but also restoration work performed on the outside of the unit, more precisely on the mantlepiece and the walls, to improve the appearance of the fireplace. It is a good idea to start the process by creating the right design. When it comes to the appearance of the mantlepiece and of the area surrounding the fireplace, you can either choose a styling that blends into the overall design of your room or you can choose a contrasting design to highlight the area around the fireplace. If you have a modern, minimalist room, for example, you can create a harmonious appearance with the help of an equally minimalist fireplace or you can add some classic masonry work and a classic mantlepiece for contrast.

Professional Help Available

If you already have a couple of ideas about what you expect your fireplace to be like after the renovation, you can turn to the professionals in a good fireplace store around you. The specialist you will find there will be able to help you with the practical as well as the aesthetic features.

Why Should You Hire A Window Professional for Installation?

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Window replacement is no small or easy task – window installation mistakes are the most common issues that lead to the premature deterioration of windows and the process can also be dangerous for someone who lacks the right experience or fails to use the right tools. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should get your windows installed by Castle Rock professionals.

Professional Knowledge

Modern windows are complicated structures that need to be installed properly to ensure proper operation, simply fitting them into the openings in the wall and fixing them with some mortar or calk will not do the job. Replacement windows Castle Rock professionals know exactly how the mechanisms of these modern structures work and how they should be installed to ensure proper, durable functionality and problem-free operation.


Window installation professionals work more efficiently than amateurs who need to consult step-by-step guides and take long to understand instructions. Consequently, working with professionals will reduce the time needed for the project to complete and will reduce the duration of the disruption that your household will need to endure.

If you choose to hire replacement windows Castle Rock contractor to install your new windows, you will also know the timeframe for the project, which will allow you to schedule your time better.

The Disposal of the Old Windows

If you are planning a window replacement project (and not the installation of windows on a new construction), the process will involve the disposal of the old windows as well. The contractor that you hire for the job will probably offer to handle the disposal process as well, loading your old, damaged windows into a container and taking them away from your property, thus relieving you of a huge burden.

Aspects Related to Safety

Working with large glass panes and with frames that have pointed components entails lots of risks, including not only personal injuries, but also the risk of damaging your expensive new windows. Window installation professionals know how to handle your windows safely, how to wear and use safety gear and other equipment correctly, therefore they can make sure that the installation process goes in complete safety.

No Need to Buy Special Tools

Window installation requires special tools. Ideally, new windows are required every 20 years, so hiring professionals is a great way to avoid having to shell out money on tools that you will not use for another two decades.


Window installation contractors are licensed to do window installation, they carry the right type of insurance and they also offer warranty on their work, so if you notice any fault with your newly installed windows, you can turn to your installation contractor and he will handle the issue free of charge.


Some types of window installation jobs require to be authorized by local authorities, others don’t. Finding out whether your project requires permits or not can be a tedious task that you can avoid by hiring a professional contractor who knows everything about local building codes and local requirements regarding building permits.

Trends in Basement Remodeling Design

Basements have a bad reputation – in most homes, the basement is a dark, damp, dirty place that serves as storage for broken, old and freaky things and that many kids are scared to go to. However, basements can be made into great, comfortable spaces, rooms that can serve lots of different purposes – you can use your basement as a second family room, a playroom, a man cave, a room where you entertain friends or as a guest room. Here are some styling tips.

Create an Open Space

The concept of creating large, open spaces, rather than smaller rooms separated with walls and doors, has been around for a while and is a trend that is likely to stay, too. Barrier-free spaces are popular for rooms above the ground and are the most common solutions chosen for basement remodels, especially for small basements that need clever ways to maximize the space.

Moving Rooms from Upstairs

Many homeowners today choose not to transform the basement into a room that serves a special scope that has been previously unavailable upstairs, but to move one of the rooms existing in the house to the basement to enlarge the space available above the ground is also a great idea. Most basements have no or only very small windows overlooking the interior garden, therefore they are especially suited for rooms in which more privacy is needed, such as the bedroom.

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Hotel-like Comfort for Guests

Many people love to have guests around, but their home is not suitable for providing their visitors with sufficient comfort. Basements make excellent guest spaces, one of the hottest basement remodeling trends today being the design and creation of guest rooms. If the space is large enough, you might consider adding a kitchenette and a shower or even a small bathroom. Consulting with innovative basement remodeling Centennial contractors can give you ideas on what will work best in your home, with your particular budget.

A Gym or a Small Spa

The location and the structure of most basements is ideal for a home gym or even for a small spa, complete with a sauna and a hot tub. While a gym needs only some pieces of equipment, maybe a couple of special power outlets for electric machines, such as a treadmill or a complex exercise bike, setting up a spa requires more work on the basement’s plumbing system and it might be more costly as well.

Music Rooms

Playing a musical instrument has lots of great benefits for the body and the soul and so is listening to music and dancing. Transforming the basement into an all-purpose music room, complete with a small stage and a dance parquet is another popular trend these days – all you have to pay special attention to is to install suitable sound insulation to prevent any disturbance caused to the members of your household upstairs or to your neighbors.

A Home Office

Working from home is becoming very much the trend these days and your basement can give you the comfortable work space that you need if you are tired of working from the dining room table or from a table corner in the nearby café. You will need a comfortable, ergonomic workstation and well-deigned, layered lighting.

Why Hire A Kitchen Designer?

Designing a new kitchen involves a lot of work and a lot of different phases, such as choosing the right materials, colors, patterns and textures and making decisions about electrical and plumbing configurations. Basically, there are two ways to do it: you can either decide to handle all the design phases on your own, which means that you will be learning a new profession and you will also be assuming the risks of not getting the outcome that you expect or you can hire a professional kitchen designer and benefit from the expertise of an experienced contractor. Working with a professional designer will cost you more than undertaking the design work yourself, but the decision to work with an expert does give you lots of benefits – here are some.


The kitchen is a space where electricity, gas, ventilation and water are often used simultaneously, therefore safety is an essential factor. Hiring a kitchen designer is the best way to make sure that all the utilities in your kitchen are in the right place, that they are all safe and perfectly functional.

Timely Project Completion

The decision to design your own kitchen might imply lots of research and hard work on your side, which also means that it might prolong the design phase as well as the completion. If you hire a kitchen designer, on the other hand, you will know exactly how long each phase of your project will take.

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Accurate Budgeting and the Best Materials

A professional kitchen showrooms Denver designer can also tell you how much your kitchen installation or renovation project will cost you. If you have ever tried to browse materials for the renovation of one of your rooms, you surely know how difficult it is to identify the right materials and to find the best suppliers. Professional designers use their own network of tried and tested suppliers and most of them can get the best materials for the best prices. Despite the fact that hiring a designer will add the designer’s fees to the overall costs of your project, the decision does come with the benefit of guaranteed material quality (your designer might recommend you an unknown brand, but small, upcoming brands can be the best in some cases) and much better material prices.

More Options

Most people planning to overhaul their old kitchen or to furbish an empty, newly-built kitchen have only very vague ideas about what they want their kitchen to look like. A professional Kitchen showroom designer can give shape to those vague ideas, providing you with various design options, making suggestions that you would have never thought of and ultimately giving you the kitchen of your dreams.

Help with Professional Execution

Kitchen designers work not only with their own network of suppliers – they also have their own network of reliable professionals, such as painters, plumbers and electricians. If you turn to a designer, you will have access to first-hand information regarding the available professionals in your area, which also means that you will be able to save a lot time that you would otherwise have to invest into identifying, vetting, interviewing and hiring contractors.

What Is the Best Type of Paint to Use for Your Brand New Home?

Painting your house can be a big deal if you want it to look just right, but the question is, what is the best type of paint to use, in order to get that stylish, elegant look you’ve always wanted?

If you just bought a new home, you might be worried that the current paint won’t last, or you might just want a makeover that will ensure durability and resilience in the face of the elements. Using an ideally suited type and brand of exterior paint, and figuring out the differences between the best and worst paints out there will, therefore, be of paramount importance.

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Two Main Types of Paint

Even though there are many different kinds of exterior paint on the market, according to painters in Highlands Ranch CO, there are only two major types you can consider, based on whether you choose oil or water as the paint’s foundation. Both of these have their own benefits, and you will find that water-based paints can still be quite efficient, even though some might consider their surface penetration to be inferior to oil-based paints.

So what is the best type of paint to use for your home? Before we answer that, let’s take a look at some of the main qualities of water and oil-based paints.

The two main types of water-based paint are acrylic and latex. These products use water as a carrier and consist of a basic pigment and binder. Their main advantage is that they are more flexible than oil-based paints. They can adapt to your siding with ease, and they’re also highly breathable. Moreover, they dry quite fast (usually in under 6 hours), and there will be no unpleasant odor left over after you finish painting your house.

Oil-based paint is somewhat more sophisticated. It consists of pigment mixed with a type of resin into a solvent thinner, which allows the paint to be extended over the surface of your siding. The great advantage of this setup is that, as the thinners evaporate, you get a thick coat of pigmented resin which also acts to offer further protection to the siding, while ensuring that your home looks great.

The improved surface penetration and adhesion of oil-based paints are the main advantages you will benefit from. Also, oil-based primers are better suited when you want to use something similar to oil-based paint on wood.

How to Make Your Final Decision

Deciding on the type of paint to use is no small feat. First, unfavorable weather conditions will suggest that you should use water-based paint, since latex and acrylic holds up better in bad weather. On the other hand, if you’re looking for stain blocking and improved adhesion, then oil-based paints are better, and they will last much longer without needing a repaint.

You get better results with oil, if you have siding panels made out of bleeding woods such as sap or tanning, as well as metals that rust – such as copper or iron. However, water-based paint is somewhat more versatile, as it fits in well with concrete, wood and most types of metal siding products (including galvanized steel and aluminum).

When it comes to finding the right answer to the question, “what is the best type of paint I can use for my home,” you’ll find these recommendations and insights to be extremely helpful in making your final decision.

The Features that You Can Expect of the Top Brands of Air Conditioners

Features Of Top Product Brands

When the weather outside heats up, the air conditioner quickly becomes the most important appliance in the home. If you don’t have one right now or your old appliance needs to be replaced and you are currently looking at the options available in specialist stores and online, you are surely overwhelmed by the choice – there are so many brands and types available, there are so many parameters and specifications to pay attention to that you can probably do with some help. This short guide presents a few of the most important features to look for – features that are readily offered by the top brands of air conditioners.

Energy Efficiency

Top brands offer units that are not only powerful, but energy efficient at the same time, allowing you to enjoy comfortable temperatures in your room even when it is extremely hot outside, without making you worry about your energy bills. The best air conditioner manufacturers are aware of the importance of energy efficiency, therefore their units have high energy-efficiency ratings (you can find the information on the label attached to the unit), expressed in the ratio of the unit’s cooling capacity measured in BTUs (British thermal units) to the power input measured in watts. The higher the ratio of the two, the more energy-efficient the unit.

The best brands are also Energy Star certified, which means that their products have been extensively tested within the framework of the U.S. Environment Protection Agency program and have proved to offer superior energy efficiency.

Low Noise

The best manufacturers are also aware of the importance of quiet operation, therefore they offer air conditioners that produce very little noise. Low noise levels are important for the comfort of your home, especially if the unit will be installed in your bedroom or in your living room, but comfort is not the only reason why you need a silent AC – many HOAs have very strict rules when it comes to AC noise levels, especially for condos that share walls with neighbors.

Functions and Options

The best AC brands offer more than just the option to turn the unit on or off. Top-notch AC units offer multiple cooling speeds and fan speeds, multiple air-flow direction settings, a timer function as well as remote controls that allow you to adjust the performance of the unit to your needs and requirements. Most major brands nowadays offer smart units as well – equipment that can be controlled from your computer or from your mobile devices via WiFi.


The best AC brands stand by their products and they offer relatively long warranty times. The standard is one-year warranty, but some brands extend that to up to five years for sealed systems.

A Large Network of Technicians

Most large brands require professional Denver hvac companies installation for their units – installation performed by an uncertified contractor can lead to the loss of warranty. However, top brands work with extensive networks of installation and service technicians, so finding an expert to install, maintain and service your equipment is easy.