Sewer Line Repair Costs – How to Determine Them and How to Minimize Them

Every sewer gets clogged or otherwise damaged over time, but it is not all the same how suddenly it happens, how unexpectedly you have to face the issue and cover the costs. Sewer issues must be addressed as quickly as possible when they happen, but the good news is that they very rarely happen without previous warning signs. Many homeowners neglect those signs and are then unpleasantly surprised when their sewer line becomes damaged beyond remedy and a sewer line replacement Denver technicians have to replace, so here are a few tips about what to pay attention to and how to avoid costly repairs.


Tell-Tale Signs that Your Sewer Lines are in Less than Perfect Condition

Sewer lines are pipe systems that run from drainage points in your home and transport the sewage and waste water away from your premises to the public sewage system or to a pool. The wastewater you produce in your come contains many different kinds of substances that are not only dangerous for health, but also tend to build up inside the pipes, causing backwater spills, smells and sounds in the house prior to completely clogging the pipe – here are some of the most common signs that should alarm you.

  • A gurgling sound is heard whenever water is draining from your sinks or when you flush the toilet,
  • Water drainage becomes slow or it stops completely,
  • You get backwater spills around the floor drains,
  • Draining points start emanating a foul smell that persists even after cleaning or using unclogging chemicals,
  • The water that accumulates in the sink drains eventually, but it comes up in other draining points such as the toilet or the tub.


Sewer Line Repair Costs and Interventions

To be able to develop a remedy plan and see how much it will cost you, you first of all need to know exactly how severe the problem is. Conventional sewer diagnostic procedures would involve drilling into your lines, possibly even some excavation, but modern plumbers use an amazing little device, a tiny video camera hooked to a sewer snake to diagnose problems. The camera is driven through the sewer and the images it records are viewed on a monitor, allowing your plumber to find the exact location of the issue. The procedure might cost you up to a few hundred dollars, but it helps you avoid digging and drilling for purely diagnostic purposes.

Once the problem is identified, the best course of repair action is determined. While the remedy of the issue itself certainly makes up the bulk of your sewer line repair costs, modern technology can reduce your expenses in this phase as well. Not all clogs need the pipe to be removed – some build-ups can be dissolved with special chemicals or broken down mechanically. If the problem is caused by a cracked pipe, in some cases you can remedy it by introducing a new pipe inside the existing line, minimizing the need to excavate.

Sewer repair costs depend largely on the severity of the problem, so the best way to reduce them is by preventing the aggravation of the issue – get your lines diagnosed as soon as possible by calling a plumber, it is always better to know wat you are faced with than to worry.