Why Tree Thinning on Your Property Is Best Left to Professionals

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Why Tree Thinning on Your Property Is Best Left to Professionals

Tree thinning – the process of cutting certain tree branches and twigs in order to reduce the density of tree canopies – is more than just randomly cutting off tree branches. To ensure the right results, from the point of view of tree health as well as of aesthetics, every cut should be thought out very carefully and carried out with expertise, therefore the process needs to be executed by professionals. Here are the benefits of hiring a tree specialist to thin and trim your trees.

Aspects Related to Safety

Tree trimming can be a dangerous job – it usually requires climbing on ladders or on the tree itself, the usage of sharp tools and of tools that rotate at high speeds; the work is usually performed at height, at least some part of it and it also involves handling large and heavy tree limbs that need to be moved in a way that is safe around power lines. Trained tree removal Colorado professionals use the right type of gear and they know exactly how to perform all these tasks while ensuring the safety of your entire property and household.

If you need not only thinning, but tree removal as well, your tree specialist will be able to perform the removal safely, in compliance with all the guidelines and regulations applicable on the situation.

Professional Tools for Enhanced Efficiency

While you might possess power tools that you consider suitable for tree trimming, tree specialists use professional tools that can do the job more efficiently, thus minimizing the disturbance caused by the tree trimming process.

Cleaning the Site and Getting Rid of the Debris

Tree thinning generates lots of debris in the form of tree limbs, twigs and leaves. If you decide to trim the trees yourself, you will also need to take care of the back-breaking task of gathering all that debris and finding a way to dispose of the piles of waste. If you hire professionals to maintain your trees, on the other hand, your contractor will handle the site cleaning process as well, leaving your yard or garden completely free from debris and much neater than it was before.

Knowledge of the Trees

Trees have distinct life cycles and not all of those cycles are suitable for trimming interventions – if the thinning is done when it shouldn’t be, the mistake can have a life-long impact on the tree. Tree specialists know exactly when it is the best time to cut branches to promote tree health and without hurting the tree.

Your tree specialist will also be able to identify the trees that are too old or too diseased to be kept and they can help you with the complete removal of even the largest, oldest trees without affecting the rest of the landscape.

Shaping the Tree

The tree thinning process is aimed not only to reduce the density of the canopy – it is also aimed at shaping the canopy to achieve the desired appearance. The shaping process requires patience, knowledge and experience so it is best left to the pros.