Trends in Basement Remodeling Design

Basements have a bad reputation – in most homes, the basement is a dark, damp, dirty place that serves as storage for broken, old and freaky things and that many kids are scared to go to. However, basements can be made into great, comfortable spaces, rooms that can serve lots of different purposes – you can use your basement as a second family room, a playroom, a man cave, a room where you entertain friends or as a guest room. Here are some styling tips.

Create an Open Space

The concept of creating large, open spaces, rather than smaller rooms separated with walls and doors, has been around for a while and is a trend that is likely to stay, too. Barrier-free spaces are popular for rooms above the ground and are the most common solutions chosen for basement remodels, especially for small basements that need clever ways to maximize the space.

Moving Rooms from Upstairs

Many homeowners today choose not to transform the basement into a room that serves a special scope that has been previously unavailable upstairs, but to move one of the rooms existing in the house to the basement to enlarge the space available above the ground is also a great idea. Most basements have no or only very small windows overlooking the interior garden, therefore they are especially suited for rooms in which more privacy is needed, such as the bedroom.

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Hotel-like Comfort for Guests

Many people love to have guests around, but their home is not suitable for providing their visitors with sufficient comfort. Basements make excellent guest spaces, one of the hottest basement remodeling trends today being the design and creation of guest rooms. If the space is large enough, you might consider adding a kitchenette and a shower or even a small bathroom. Consulting with innovative basement remodeling Centennial contractors can give you ideas on what will work best in your home, with your particular budget.

A Gym or a Small Spa

The location and the structure of most basements is ideal for a home gym or even for a small spa, complete with a sauna and a hot tub. While a gym needs only some pieces of equipment, maybe a couple of special power outlets for electric machines, such as a treadmill or a complex exercise bike, setting up a spa requires more work on the basement’s plumbing system and it might be more costly as well.

Music Rooms

Playing a musical instrument has lots of great benefits for the body and the soul and so is listening to music and dancing. Transforming the basement into an all-purpose music room, complete with a small stage and a dance parquet is another popular trend these days – all you have to pay special attention to is to install suitable sound insulation to prevent any disturbance caused to the members of your household upstairs or to your neighbors.

A Home Office

Working from home is becoming very much the trend these days and your basement can give you the comfortable work space that you need if you are tired of working from the dining room table or from a table corner in the nearby café. You will need a comfortable, ergonomic workstation and well-deigned, layered lighting.