Tips and Trends in Fireplace Renovations

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A fireplace is a wonderful asset in any house, a building component that not only adds a unique, cozy atmosphere, but that also makes an efficient heating device, whether on its own or as an aid for the principal heating system. A fireplace is a great thing to have even if it has been out of use for years or even decades – if you have one that can do with a little TLC, here are some tips from the experts about restoration and how you can benefit from the inventory of a good fireplace store in Denver.

Safety Always Comes First

If you decide to restore the old fireplace in your building, the first thing to do is to check the components of the fireplace, especially the ventilation system and the chimney, for safety and efficiency. After you make sure that your chimney is solid and safe to use, it is a good idea to call a professional chimney sweeper to make sure that the entire system is safe to use indeed.

Consider Adding a Glass Door

The flame of the logs burning in your fireplace confer a unique, cozy and romantic atmosphere to your room, but traditional, wood burning fireplaces also pose the risk of setting fire to flammable items in front of the fire chamber. To prevent that from happening as well as to improve the efficiency of your fireplace, it is a good idea to check out your options in terms of glass doors. These sheets of glass are installed at the entrance of the fireplace and they serve the purpose of making the operation of your fireplace safer.

Consider Getting a Gas Insert

The sight of the flames and the warmth delivered by your wood burning fireplace is a great thing. There is only one thing greater: having all those benefits without having to spend lots of time and energy on cleaning and maintaining the fireplace. One of the best options to achieve that is by adding a gas insert. According to gas fireplace inserts Denver retailers, these insulated boxes connected to a gas hose will provide the heat and the beautiful flames that you love so much, but without the work involved. Gas burning fire place inserts are also very efficient and able to heat your room more effectively than wood burning appliances.

Rebuild The Mantlepiece

A complete fireplace restoration involves not only work on the interior of the appliance with the purpose of improving safety and efficiency, but also restoration work performed on the outside of the unit, more precisely on the mantlepiece and the walls, to improve the appearance of the fireplace. It is a good idea to start the process by creating the right design. When it comes to the appearance of the mantlepiece and of the area surrounding the fireplace, you can either choose a styling that blends into the overall design of your room or you can choose a contrasting design to highlight the area around the fireplace. If you have a modern, minimalist room, for example, you can create a harmonious appearance with the help of an equally minimalist fireplace or you can add some classic masonry work and a classic mantlepiece for contrast.

Professional Help Available

If you already have a couple of ideas about what you expect your fireplace to be like after the renovation, you can turn to the professionals in a good fireplace store around you. The specialist you will find there will be able to help you with the practical as well as the aesthetic features.